Jay Leno drives McLaren P1 around the Top Gear track

Jay Leno drives McLaren P1 around the Top Gear track

US celebrity Jay Leno has become the first person outside McLaren to drive the British marque's new game-changing hypercar, the P1.

Having already driven its rival, the stunning Porsche 918, Leno visited the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, to get the low-down on the car's construction and experience the unique working environment of the factory itself.

A quick helicopter ride later and Leno is at the wheel of the P1, with the twists and turns of Dunsfold Aerodrome – more commonly known as the Top Gear test track – before him. Thankfully McLaren's chief test driver Chris Goodwin is on hand to show him the ropes.

Obviously impressed with the car, the renowned petrol-head, serial car collector and current McLaren F1 owner has already placed an order for the exclusive P1, which is due to enter its production run imminently.

McLaren Automotive's Operations Director, Alan Foster, has confirmed that the P1's construction will be handled by 61 people, with one car leaving the factory each day for 375 days.

Click play below to see the gorgeous McLaren P1 in its natural habitat.

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