Plymouth driver attempted to blame speeding on fictitious Mexican

Plymouth driver attempted to blame speeding on fictitious Mexican

A man from Gulworthy in Tavistock has pleaded guilty to willingly making a false statement after blaming his speeding on an imaginary Mexican man called Carlos De La Vega.
Michael Tatem insisted to police that the mysterious Mexican was driving his Alfa Romeo when it was recorded travelling at 53mph through a 40mph zone by a camera on Tavistock Road.

The 64-year-old then led police and the authorities on a wild goose chase by filling in paper work with the imagined character's name and address, which later turned out to be a bunker in Mexico.

But Tatem was later caught out when he failed to provide evidence of Carlos De La Vega's existence like a photograph, email address or proof that he was insured to drive the car.

The court heard how the police spent hours trying to get to the bottom of the matter, as they could find no evidence that Carlos De La Vega ever existed.

After the hearing, PC Dave Williams, the officer at the Safety Camera Partnership who investigated the case, said: "Even though I spoke to Mr Tatem he continued to stick to this incredible story that he allowed a man who he hadn't seen for many years, and had by chance met in London, to go to his house while Mr Tatem stayed in London and use his car throughout Plymouth and Cornwall.

"Mr Tatem eventually admitted he was the driver and the photos we have show that."

Tatem is due to be sentenced on September 13.

The video below was used as evidence to prove it was Tatem behind the wheel and not a man from Mexico.

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