Video: Child takes Jaguar XJ220 on a joyride

Video: Child takes Jaguar XJ220 on a joyride

We are about to make a confession: that headline was a tad misleading but it shouldn't, in any way, stop you from enjoying the latest video from automotive anarchists Tax The Rich.

The clearly wealthy group of car collectors are the brains behind the rallying Rolls-Royce video, the farmyard-wrecking Ferrari Enzo YouTube sensation and an enthralling clip of a Bugatti EB110 SS shedding its rubber.
An ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220 stars in the latest folly around a rural setting but this time there's a twist. A very young chap can be seen seemingly 'controlling' the vehicle with a remote control device.

It's an added narrative element that does little for or takes away from the extreme honing on show by the team of motoring miscreants.

Crank up the volume, press play and let the carnage unfold. Then let us know what vehicle you'd like to see put through its paces by the Tax The Rich team.

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