Tesla installs high-speed 'Superchargers' in Norway

Tesla installs high-speed 'Superchargers' in Norway

Californian electric car producer Tesla has made bold steps towards creating an electric infrastructure that allows for long distance journeys by installing high-speed Supercharger units on some of Norway's most popular roads.

Tesla Model S owners on routes such as the E6 from Trondheim to Oslo, the E18 from Oslo to Kristiansand, the E39 from Kristiansand to Stavanger, and Highway 7 from Oslo to Gol can charge their cars for free and with minimal time spent stationary.
The advanced units are capable of charging the Model S 20 times faster than most common charging stations, meaning a half charge of juice can be delivered in around 20 minutes.

Road safety charity Think! suggests at least a 15-minute stop for every two hours of continuous driving and with the Models S capable of travelling for 310 miles on a single charge, customers can stretch their legs and 'fuel' up at the same time .

And because Superchargers are located where customers want to stop, near amenities like roadside diners, cafes and shopping centres, road trippers can battle fatigue in comfort while their Model S charges for free.

Norway is the chosen site of Tesla's experiment because approximately 90 percent of the population lives within around 200 miles of a Supercharger station, and about 60 per cent of the country's total land mass is within the same distance of a station.

Electric cars are yet to make an impact on the overall car market, mainly because customers feel restrained by the limited range and lengthy charging times of currently available batteries.

Tesla's network could put an end to so-called 'range anxiety' if it proves a success in Norway.

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