Polo player allegedly rammed a pensioner with his horsebox

Polo player allegedly rammed a pensioner with his horsebox

A court has heard how chartered accountant and keen polo player Jean-Marc Hodgkin verbally abused a pensioner before ramming his car with a horsebox.

A jury heard this week how Hodgkin became incensed when he was forced to stop his Mercedes horsebox in order to let a 74-year-old motorist reverse a Land rover discovery out into the road in front of him.
The pair then began to argue, with father-of-two Hodgkin allegedly hurling abuse at the pensioner, calling Michael Parker a 'cretin', a 'country bumpkin' and a 'f*cking idiot'.

Mr Parker also admitted to using foul language moments before his Discovery was struck.

It is alleged that Mr Hodgkin, who was transporting three of his prized horses at the time, swung his vehicle to the left, trapping Mr Parker against his Land Rover.

Mr Hodgkin then drove away with his dog and 15-year-old daughter as passengers, leaving Mr Parker on the ground. Passing motorists stopped to assist the pensioner, who sustained a deep cut to his leg, a dislocated knee requiring an operation and damage to ligaments and muscles.

Mr Hodgkin, of Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, denies one charge of dangerous driving and one of grievous bodily harm in relation to the incident on August 4 last year.

The defendant maintains that he didn't deliberately drive his vehicle at the Pensioner, he told the court: "I was getting illogical nonsensical answers so I said ''mate, you're an idiot''. Unfortunately that inflamed Mr Parker and he started swearing back at me. I resolved to drive off."

Mr Hodgkin was then stopped by police 20 minutes later where he was questioned over the incident. "I said, ''Is this because I shouted at the old man?'' They just told me there had been an accident and a man was injured. I felt sick and confused and frightened because I hadn't been aware of an incident even," he added.

The trial continues.
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