Brits 'regretful' over £16.6bn spent on unused gadgets

Caroline Cassidy

Most Brits would admit to having made the odd ill-advised impulse buy during their lifetime, but a report published today has revealed the full extent of our wasteful spending, and it's something of an eye-opener.

Foot spas among the most regretted purchases for Brits
Foot spas among the most regretted purchases for Brits

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According to a poll by Freeview, the average British family has spend £650 on 'under-used', or in some cases 'never used' gadgets.

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It is estimated that lurking at the back of kitchen units, hidden in the dark recesses of the cupboard under the stairs and languishing in the loft are £16.6bn-worth of rarely used items, including chocolate fountains, foot spas and juicers.
In fact, the chocolate fountain is the purchase that is 'regretted' more than any other, despite the fact that 14 per cent of the 2,028 adults surveyed had been lured into buying one. Foot spas were next on the list of gadgets that rarely saw the light of day, while fitness DVDs were the most 'under-used' item with eight out of ten people who had bought one during a New Year health kick admitting that they had barely used it.

Among the other items that made the top 10 'most regretted' purchases were fondue sets, digital photo frames, juicers, bread machines and sleep monitors.

Guy North, a director of Freeview, told the Daily Mail: "With budgets tight, it is fascinating to see that many people are still a little guilty of spending on things they don't really need."

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