80-year-old Cornish car travels across America

80-year-old Cornish car travels across America

A brave couple from Saltash in Cornwall have driven an astonishing 25,000 miles across America in an 80-year-old Austin Seven car.

Guy Butcher and his partner Eunice Kratky undertook the endeavour that saw the humble Austin travel from the very top to the lowest tip of the Americas, all in the name of charity.
The vintage car had to be shipped to Baltimore, where the couple then drove to Canada before taking a ferry from the Yukon to Alaska to start the drive to the southern tip of Chile.

Eunice told the BBC: "It has been amazing. We have met some incredible people."

"If we were going to call the story something, it would be Saint Serendipity, the patron saint of roadtrips," added Mr Butcher.

"Because every time something went wrong, someone was always there to offer us some help."

The car is only capable of travelling at around 45mph so it's understandable that the epic road trip took the courageous couple a massive nine months to complete.

The journey was not without its problems as the pair revealed the old car suffered when the roads got bumpy. Just north of Santiago, the timing gear failed and the car had to be loaded onto the back of a local pick up truck and sent to the nearest garage.

"In Chile we found a man who had a collection of timing gears for an Austin Seven," revealed Mr Butcher.

"It just so happens his dad was the Austin Seven agent for Chile in the 1950s and 60s. It's just incredible!"

The couple are now writing a book about their adventures but when quizzed whether they would do it again, Ms Kratky revealed, "It would have to be in a bigger, more comfortable car.
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