Women spend an eye-watering £8k on a lifetime of hair removal

Caroline Cassidy

For most women, a silky smooth pair of legs is a must, especially during the summer months, but those perfect pins come at a hefty price, because according to a new survey, the average British woman will spend an eye-watering £8,000 on hair removal during the course of her lifetime.

Women pay a price for hair removal
Women pay a price for hair removal

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The poll of 3,000 women, by Remington, also revealed that 88 per cent of women spend two days a year ridding themselves of unwanted hair - a total of four months over a lifetime. And the majority of UK ladies would happily pay £712 to be hair-free forever instead.

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Meanwhile, the nation's boyfriends and husbands remain blissfully unaware of the time, effort and cash that goes into a woman's smooth skin, as 53 per cent of girls confessed they weren't honest about their regular hair removal costs.

Of the women surveyed, two thirds said unwanted facial hair was their biggest fear, followed by legs and arms.

Surprisingly, the 18 to 24-year-olds were the most lax when it came to hair removal, despite being the age group likely to bear the most flesh. Nine out of ten admitted they weren't always hair-free when it mattered, and 10 per cent confessed that their lack of preparation had prompted a particular outfit choice on occasion.
Nevertheless, hair removal remains a necessary evil for the majority of British ladies, particularly where there's a chance of bedroom action, with more than a quarter insisting it would be 'mane stops play' should they be a hairy Mary during those intimate moments.

Vicky Williams, marketing director at Remington, told the Daily Mail: "Whether it's shaving, waxing or more permanent solutions, hair removal is a cross to bear for most British women.

"Hair removal is seen as a chore but we hear from women all the time that being fuzz free is crucial to women's confidence."

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