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Teen Survives First-Ever Wolf Attack in Minnesota
Teen Survives First-Ever Wolf Attack in Minnesota

A teenager on a camping trip was left with a gaping head wound after being attacked by a wolf in the night.

Noah Graham, 16, was staying at the West Winnie Campground near Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota with friends and his girlfriend when the incident occurred.

They had decided to sleep outside, and Noah was talking to his girlfriend at around 4am when the wolf crept up on him from behind and bit into his skull.

According to the NY Daily News, Noah didn't hear a thing: "There was no sound at all. Didn't hear it. It was just all of a sudden there," he said.

Noah punched at the 75lb animal and managed to prise his head out of its mouth. He then kicked and screamed at it before the animal ran away.

His girlfriend ran away and locked herself in a nearby jeep upon seeing the wolf.

Noah called his father, who took him 45 minutes to Bemidji Hospital, where he had 17 staples to close the laceration.

He told News Net 5: "I could feel it rip into my head", adding: "I thought for sure it was going to come back at me and that's the scary part."

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources said trappers had caught and killed the animal, reports The Sun.

Wildlife experts said the wolf had a deformed jaw, which may have made hunting difficult, explaining why he was scavenging for food at the campsite.

Wolf attacks on humans are extremely rare, with only two known fatalities in North America. This was the first recorded wolf attack on a human in the state of Minnesota.

Noah is on his way to recovery, but told NBC News: "I probably won't sleep outside again."


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