Bond Baddie convicted of careless driving

Bond Baddie convicted of careless driving

Steven Berkoff, the actor who played Bond villain General Orlov in Octopussy, has been found guilty of careless driving, following a collision with a pedestrian in London last year.

City of London Magistrates heard that the 76-year-old knocked down pedestrian Fiona Scully on Oxford Street, central London while trying to overtake a stationary car.
The car in front, a Mini, had signalled to Ms Scully to cross the road before she was struck by Berkoff's Volkswagen Beetle.

She was left with swelling and bruising, and was forced to use a walking stick to aid mobility for a week.

Giving evidence, Ms Scully said: "There was no apparent concern or offer of assistance. What struck me was a very aggressive man in a rush who showed no concern for my welfare when I was lying on the road in front of his car."

Berkoff told the court that Ms Scully and a friend had dashed in front of his car, and that he estimated he was doing no more than 10mph at the time of the collision.

"I'm totally innocent of any wrongdoing in the case," he said.

Berkoff was fined £350 for driving without due care and attention and a further £50 for driving without a valid licence, after authorities found his US licence had expired in the UK.

He was further ordered to pay £250 costs and a £35 victim surcharge. Thee penalty points were also added to his UK licence which was taken from him after he was banned last February for running a red light.
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