Video: Fisherman almost speared by 350lb blue marlin as it jumps on boat

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A fisherman was lucky to escape unharmed when an enormous blue marlin jumped out of the sea and on to his boat - narrowly missing him with its spear.

Two anglers were trying to land the fish on board the Marlin Darlin on Thursday in the Dominican Republic when it came flailing out of the water and onto the boat.

Its sheer bulk knocked one of the fishermen over, and he was lucky not to have been impaled by its potentially lethal spear-like snout.

According to the, the moment was captured on a mobile phone by the owner of the 62-ft yacht, Bobby Jacobsen.

WPTV reports that the crew of the Marlin Darlin usually release all the marlin caught during their trips back into the sea, but that this one died of "self-sustained" injuries and was donated to local fishermen.

Back in October 2012, a group of seven friends were lucky to escape unharmed when an enormous 600lb black marlin jumped on board their boat during a fishing trip in Cairns, Australia.

The mates were on a six-day catch-and-release fishing trip off Cooktown when the marlin came jumping out of the sea straight onto their deck.

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