BMW driver causes carnage in police pursuit

BMW driver causes carnage in police pursuit

A BMW driver has brought chaos to a quiet Essex street after losing control of his car during a police chase.

A 27-year-old man failed to stop for police and was at the wheel of a powerful M6 Coupe when he left the road and crashed through five separate front gardens in Thundersley on Friday evening.
The crash occurred at around 9.20pm, with the driver initially ploughing through two front gardens destroying a white Ford Transit van.

The van was pushed into a neighbouring garden, sending debris into the air, which landed on a Mercedes parked four doors down the road.

The BMW eventually came to a halt in another garden, after flipping over in the air and writing-off several more cars in the process.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in a crash.

The scale of the damage had local residents likening the scene to a Hollywood film.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, resident Lynn Casey said: "We were watching an action movie in surround sound at the time so when we heard this great bang we thought it was in the film.

"It wasn't until we came out for a cup of tea and saw all these blue flashing lights everywhere and the carnage outside that we realised what happened.

"We feel so fortunate the car didn't go through the house. If all our cars hadn't been in the way or it had come in at a different angle it could've gone through the house. I'm so surprised no one was hurt."

Police closed the road for five hours on Friday evening to investigate the scene.

The alleged driver, Kevin Austin, has since been charged with dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking and driving without a licence or insurance.
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