Win! One of three pairs of luxury sandals, worth £100

AOL Travel

We've teamed up with elegant sandal range Slinks to offer three lucky users the chance to win a Luxury Set.


The clever Slinks design comprises a base, with three attachment points, that are combined with a selection of interchangeable uppers. The versatile design means that with just a quick change of uppers it can look like you are wearing a completely different pair of shoes.

When travelling, just one pair of bases and a couple of uppers gives you an adaptable wardrobe while occupying minimum space in your suitcase.

The Luxury Sets come in truffle, black and silver, and all include a base and two stunning uppers.

The sandals are wrapped in a softly padded, silk bag with space for your bases and individual pockets for the uppers. They're ideal for times when one pair of shoes simply isn't enough.

The Luxury Slinks Set costs £99.99 and is available from Visit the website and 'Like' Slinks on Facebook for more information.

For your chance to win a Slinks Luxury Set in truffle, black or silver, visit our Facebook page and enter your details before 3 September 2013