Woman settles $105,000 airport parking ticket

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Woman settles  05,000 airport parking ticket
Woman settles 05,000 airport parking ticket

A woman received an eye-watering $105,000 parking fine after her car was left abandoned at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, an unemployed single mum, was the recipient of the city's highest ever parking fine to date.

But she claims that the purple Chevrolet was registered in her name without her permission by her ex-boyfriend.

According to the Global Post, Ms Fitzgerald sued over the fines, and ended up settling with the city out of court, ultimately paying $4,500 for the original bill.

The vehicle amassed 678 tickets over two years before it was finally towed away last year.

The BBC reports that her ex-boyfriend Brandon Preveau will reimburse her $1,600, with Ms Fitzgerald paying the rest on a monthly basis.

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