Two Kiwi tourists die in South Africa safari plane crash

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Two Kiwi tourists die in safari plane crash in South Africa
Two Kiwi tourists die in safari plane crash in South Africa

Two New Zealanders have died after their plane crashed in South Africa during a tourist safari.

Father-of-two Richard Primrose and John Walton both died when their Cessna 182 crashed into mountain in the remote area of Mpumalanga, 300km north east of Johannesburg, their destination.

It is thought the pair were leading a safari with two other aircrafts full of tourists.

The president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Ian Andrews, described the men as "fantastic people". He told the NZ Herald: "They're top guys. Something has gone tragically wrong. I won't speculate on the cause [because] everyone wants to speculate on plane crashes."

According to the Northern Star, witnesses reportedly saw one of the planes "struggling" before it crashed into a bush area.

An air force helicopter found the wreckage on Thursday afternoon.

Friend Phil Pacey told the NZ Herald and the Northern Star: "I've got nothing bad to say about Richard. I'm just so disappointed the whole thing has happened.

"He was very passionate about the trips in South Africa and wanted to share it - they were marvellous and, having done one, I can say it was incredible."

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