One third of Brits can't pinpoint their holiday destination on map

Duh! Third of Brits can't pinpoint holiday destination on map

When you book a holiday, it's good to know where in the world you're heading. But up to a third of Brits jetting off abroad have no idea where their holiday destination is on a map.

British Airways Holidays carried out a poll with 2,000 Brits who travelled abroad last year. They found that more than half of those flying to Cyprus (53 per cent) had no idea where in Europe it was located. The most common guess was somewhere on mainland Greece, reports The Sun.

Just under half (49 per cent) thought Turkey was in the Ukraine, while a quarter of those heading off to Spain pointed to France.

Portugal also left those quizzed scratching their heads, with 31 per cent pointing to France, which was also picked by 29 per cent of people trying to find Greece.

Claire Bentley, of British Airways Holidays, told the Daily Mail: "It is surprising to think that people are prepared to spend their hard earned wages on a holiday, without researching something as important as its location."

Apparently, temperature was the most important factor for 65 per cent of holidaymakers, followed by local attractions with 61 per cent.

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