Taxi driver arrested over voyeurism film

Taxi driver arrested over voyeurism film

A US taxi driver has been arrested after secretly filming a drunk passenger and blackmailing her into not releasing the footage.

38-year-old Hervey Farrell picked up the female lawyer and local radio personality, who had been on a night out In New Orleans, before recording intimate footage, including up-skirt shots, using his mobile phone.
He then demanded $1,000 to destroy the tape, claiming it would have damaged the woman's career and social standing in the community.

"I was intoxicated, I had had too much to drink," the woman said, speaking to

"But that doesn't make it OK for him to have done what he did. What he did to me was criminal, and wrong."

The passenger had climbed into Farrell's cab in Bourbon Street and admitted flirting and kissing him, but denied giving him permission to film her.

Farrell later filed charges against the woman, claiming battery.

She later received a letter, referring to the footage and demanding $60,000 for its destruction and for dropping the charges against her.

This demand was later lowered to $1,000, but rather than pay up, the woman referred the matter to the police, leading to Farrell's arrest.

He has been charged with voyeurism and extortion by the New Orleans Police Department, with his bail set at $20,000.

If convicted Farrell faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.
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