Chris Brown graffitis girlfriend's Porsche Panamera

Chris Brown graffitis girlfriend's Porsche Panamera

Pop crooner, fashion victim and former woman beater Chris Brown has been flexing his artistic muscles of late, discovering a certain, erm, talent for spray painting colourful monsters onto brick walls.

The recent foray into 'street art' has landed the R&B pillock in hot water as his local council recently ordered him to paint over the neon daubing that covered the front of his expensive LA home.
But now, Brown has taken his artistic hobby to the next level by giving his on/off girlfriend's Porsche Panamera the rattle can treatment and spraying a set of toothy monsters across the bonnet and flanks.

Model Karrueche Tran didn't seem too impressed, taking to Twitter to say: "This is what the f*** I come home to lmao this n**** man."

Loosely translated it means something along the lines of: "Ha ha ha, I can't believe this chap has painted my car. Not to worry, he'll probably just buy me a new one."

Just a few weeks ago, Chris Brown suffered a seizure at the Record Plant recording studio in Hollywood. His aides claimed that doctors had attributed the seizure to intense fatigue and emotional stress "due to the constant onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity".

The foray into the art world could be helping Brown cope with the stress but his habit for doodling on cars isn't anything new, as earlier this year he unveiled an interesting red, grey and black camouflage paintjob on his Lamborghini Aventador.
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