Insurance staff 'proudest workers'

Call centreInsurance workers are proudest of their profession while railway staff are least likely to be satisfied, according to a new study.

Workers in property, the media, utilities and leisure also took pride in their sectors, while accountants, nurses and those in retail had below-average pride, a survey of more than 2,000 workers found.

Recruitment firm Randstad said its research revealed that workers who were proud of their industry were more committed and spent more time at work.

Nine out of 10 insurance employees said they felt proud of their profession, compared with just a third of railway workers and 44% of accountants.
Mark Bull, chief executive of Randstad, said: "In order to attract and retain a talented, dedicated workforce, employers need to make their staff feel proud of what they do.

"No one wants to go to work each day without a sense of pride in their careers, and the research proves that employees who fall into this category often spend less time each week at work.

"Pride in your profession isn't just good for employees - it's good for business."

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