Folding car aims to put an end to parking woes

Folding car aims to put an end to parking woes

This is the Armadillo-T, a unique new electric vehicle with a surprising twist.

Like most battery powered cars, it is small and light – and looks nothing like a conventional automobile. Though when parked up, the Armadillo-T shows off a very neat party trick.
At the push of a button, the rear half of the car folds over the top of the front in a clam-shell arrangement. The aim being to reduce the amount of street-space needed to park it.

You needn't worry about someone parking too close to you either, as the car can be controlled in it's compacted state via a smartphone app, allowing users to remotely guide it out of tight spots.

The Armadillo-T has been developed by a team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, with the aim of creating a solution to inner-city congestion. The folding mechanism reduces the vehicle's length by over a metre, and when fully folded, takes up as much space as just a couple of scooters.

Click play below to see the Armadillo-T in action

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