Weird items forgotten on planes

Roshina Jowaheer

When it comes to cleaning up after passengers, flight cabin crews have found the strangest things stuffed between the seats or in the overhead lockers.

According to a survey of 700 international airline attendants by travel search website Skyscanner, a live parrot, a glass eye, a tortoise and a toupee were just a few of the bizarre items left behind recently.

All of which poses the question: 'How did the passenger manage to forget them?'

Some of the items were simply random: a single egg (without packaging), a bag of sand and a written marriage proposal (whether the latter was intended for a member of the cabin crew member or a passenger is unclear). And let's hope the lost wedding dress found its owner before the big day!

Check out our gallery of random things left behind by passengers. Which do you think is the most bizarre?


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