Tourism Australia causes Facebook storm after censoring kangaroo's genitals

Tourism Australia causes Facebook storm after censoring kangaroo's genitals

A picture of a kangaroo lazing in the sun with its genitals 'censored' has caused a storm on Facebook.

Tourism Australia uploaded the pic of the kangaroo, appropriately called Big Baz, after they were sent it by Featherdale Wildlife Park.

The photo was accompanied by the caption: "Enjoying a lazy afternoon at Featherdale Wildlife Park. *Censored for Facebook*." But thousands of users didn't get the joke, and thought the pixellation was entirely unnecessary.

One user, Bill Walker, wrote: "Why are we hiding a kanga's willy?", while Lurline Isaacs wrote: "Wtf. Political correctness gone mad. It's a kangaroo." And Martyn Hobbins blasted: "How utterly pathetic: Censored for Facebook. You have just lost ALL my respect."

However, it seems the humour wasn't lost on everyone. Andrew Chand wrote: "Wow, what's with all the outrage here?? I thought the censoring was part of the joke?"

And he was correct. A Tourism Australia spokesman told the Herald Sun: "Anybody who's familiar with our Facebook page knows we like to have a bit of fun with our posts, and when Featherdale Wildlife Park sent us this cracker of a photo we just couldn't resist sharing it with our fans - in all of its magnificent glory. Or nearly all!"

Tourism Australia responded to all the attention Big Baz was getting by uploading more pics of the kangaroo, entitled 'Big Baz returns [uncensored]'.

One of the pics has a caption that reads: "Big Baz has fast become a favourite at Featherdale Wildlife Park since he arrived earlier this year. He has already made a name for himself for being a bit of a show-off (especially with the ladies!)."

And the Featherdale Wildlife Park also saw the funny side, linking to news articles about Big Baz, and writing on their Facebook page: "Looks like 'Big Baz' has made headlines with his roo'd pose."

A spokesman also wrote: "It was all meant in fun and has certainly generated a great deal of humorous debate over the last few days."

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