Durham home to the UK's slowest cars, says new survey

Motorists in Durham have been named the slowest in the whole of the UK, according to a new survey whose results have been revealed today.

The online questionnaire, which asked almost 60,000 drivers about their relationships with their vehicles, suggested that Durham is home to the slowest cars in the whole country, with Portsmouth and the Shetland Isles coming in second and third places respectively.
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, and Oldham in Greater Manchester completed the top five.

London was found to be home to the cars with the highest top speeds - somewhat surprisingly, considering the capital's choked streets. The City of London topped the poll, with Central London and West London postcodes also featuring in the top five, which was rounded out by Guernsey and Jersey in second and third places respectively.

The survey, which was carried out by website weloveanycar.com, also queried drivers on satisfaction levels with regards to their cars. Cheadle in Greater Manchester proved to be home to the greatest proportion of satisfied motorists, with Pickering, North Yorkshire and Ellesmere Port in Cheshire coming in second and third places.

Middlesbrough car owners were the fourth most satisfied, while drivers in Dover came fifth.

Dover turned out to be an exception to the rule, however, as Kent turned out to be the home of the least satisfied drivers. Maidstone, Chatham and Gillingham all featured in the bottom ten - although it was St Helens on Merseyside that was home to the greatest number of dissatisfied car owners.
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