40 pythons found in Canada motel

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40 pythons found in Canada motel
40 pythons found in Canada motel

Canadian authorities have seized 40 ball pythons at a motel in southern Ontario.

The snakes, which range from 30cm to 137cm long, belonged to guests, a manager of the motel in Brantford said.

The seizure comes 10 days after an African rock python killed two sleeping boys in Canada as they slept.

BBC News reports that the snakes were seized while the owners, a couple, were out.

An inspector with the Brant County SPCA told USA Today: "The snakes have been transported out of the area to reptile experts (in Ontario) the SPCA has good rapport with."

It is illegal to own pythons in Brantford, which is located 65 miles from Toronto.

The owners of the snakes have not been identified.

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