Ryanair passenger left stranded as he couldn't afford £50 baggage fee

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Ryanair passenger misses flight as couldn't afford £50 duty free baggage fee
Ryanair passenger misses flight as couldn't afford £50 duty free baggage fee

A Ryanair passenger was left stranded at Malaga airport on Wednesday after he couldn't afford to pay a £50 surcharge for a duty free plastic bag.

Guy Horne, 22, a Nottingham University student from Manchester, had bought his dad a £36 bottle of Glenmorangie whiskey in duty free, but was asked to pay £50 to bring it on board, reports the Metro.

He could not afford the charge, and claimed he was still not allowed to board when he tried to put the whiskey in his other bag.

According to the Moodie Report, he said: "I took the bottle out of its box and tried to fit it in my bag but she still said no.

"I was begging and pleading with her to let me on the plane but she wouldn't let me. I was stood there at the entrance to the plane and I was completely powerless."

Horne was forced to call his mum, who paid £200 for a new flight home to Manchester with Easyjet.

Ryanair said Mr Horne had two other pieces of hand luggage as well as his carry-on bag.

An airline spokesman told the Metro: "Ryanair will not delay its flights for passengers who fail to comply with its terms and conditions of travel."

The airline is often blasted for its passenger fees. And it seems even celebrities get annoyed by the airline's surcharges.

Back in June, former Westlife singer Brian McFadden called Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary a "scumbag" after the budget airline attempted to charge him an extra £150 for not printing his boarding pass and carrying extra luggage when he tried to check in for a flight to Spain at Liverpool Airport.

And holidaymakers were left less than impressed when Ryanair recently announced its baggage charges were increasing by 66 per cent in time for the summer, in another bid to discourage people from bringing hold luggage on flights.


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