Nurburgring taxi comes a cropper on the Nordschleife

Nurburgring taxi comes a cropper on the Nordschleife

The Nurburgring is an utterly terrifying place to visit. Not just because hundreds of often inexperienced drives hurl themselves around the circuit in tired old cars but because there's always someone with a camera phone to capture the inevitable crash.

Even the Nurburgring taxis (high-powered Jaguar XJ Supersports driven by qualified drivers) can't escape the glare of a YouTube user with a pocket-sized camera.
This video, taken at the 'Ring earlier this week, shows said 510bhp super saloon careering around a corner, clearly carrying too much speed.

The car subsequently understeers, the brakes lock up and the feisty Jag wallops its flank on the Armco.

Both the driver and the car appear to come away fairly unharmed... until the Jag limps towards the camera an exposes a very bent doorframe, snapped wing mirror and extremely deflated ego.

Details on the incident remain sketchy but witnesses say no one was seriously injured.

Watch the video below and hope that smart phones remain firmly in pockets should you decide to venture onto the gruelling course.

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