Gordon Murray's madcap city cars to go into production

Gordon Murray's madcap city cars to go into production

Gordon Murray, the man who famously promoted the benefits of lightweight design at McLaren, has revealed that his tiny T25 and T27 city cars have been sold to an undisclosed buyer who plans to put them into production.

The T-vehicles feature an intriguing 1+2 seating set-up that sees the driver operate the small car from a central position while the rear passengers are sat (or should we say squeezed?) side by side in the rear.
A rear-mounted three-cylinder 660cc Smart petrol engine that produces around 51bhp powers the T25, while the T27 shuns hydrocarbons for battery power and electric motors.

True to Murray's philosophy, the T25 weighs just 575kg, which is considerably less than a Smart Fortwo.

Murray's city cars are also much smaller yet still boast proper safety features, such as ABS, traction control, airbags and an advanced chassis for added crash protection.

The former McLaren man has been tight-lipped about exact details surrounding the business deal but he has revealed on his personal blog that: "The T25 and T27 concept has now been sold to a customer and with a following wind a lot more drivers should be able to enjoy the centre drive experience in 2016."

The blog also reveals that there has been a spike in interest surrounding his innovative iStream manufacturing process that reduces monetary investment, factory space and energy required for manufacturing.

Murray has signed four contracts for four other products using this method of production, meaning we could be seeing more of his groundbreaking designs on the road in the future.
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