Barcelona named worst city for holiday scams and pickpocketing

Barcelona named worst city for holiday scams

Barcelona is the worst city for pickpockets and holiday scams, new research has revealed.

The survey of 2,000 holidaymakers by Generator Hostels found that tourists placed the Spanish city ahead of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam for scams and pickpocketing.

A spokesman told the Daily Telegraph: "It's great to get caught up in a new culture and experience the world from a new perspective, but sometimes that excitement or lack of local knowledge can make us more open to scams or paying too much for things."

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office is urging Britons to look after their passports abroad and says lost passports abroad are costing holidaymakers £5 million each year to replace.

More than a fifth (6,005) of all emergency travel documents (ETDs) issued last year were in Spain.

The Foreign Office added that theft remains a major issue in Barcelona, which saw more ETDs issued last year (1,291) than most countries. It said that this was mainly due to people's bags being stolen, distraction thefts and pickpocketing.

The top 10 cities where British tourists experience scams, according to Generator Hostels

1. Barcelona
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Amsterdam
5. Istanbul
6. Madrid
7. Prague
8. Venice
9. Dublin
10. Edinburgh

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