€20,000 found in burning car

€20,000 found in burning car

Irish police have discovered a haul of euros inside a burning car, and are speculating that the car may have been used as a getaway vehicle in a robbery.

The fire was reported to Authorities on Tuesday afternoon. Fire crews attending the scene discovered a quantity of 50 euro notes scattered around the car and in a nearby hedge.
Police believe that the money came from an armed robbery of an ATM machine in nearby west Dublin, and that the thieves left some behind in their haste to escape the car.

Security guards replenishing a cash machine were held up by three men in an armed raid. After being threatened with a handgun, the guards gave up the haul and the thieves escaped.

Police have yet to confirm whether the burning car was the one used in the robbery – a blue Hyundai.

Speaking to the BBC, a police spokesman said: "The car was later found burnt out in Hollystown and the matter is under investigation."

This is not the first time this week that authorities have made an unusual discovery in the back of a car. On Monday, US police stopped a motorist in Delaware and found a mobile methamphetamine processing lab in the boot.

Criminals have taken to mobilising their drug processing operations to reduce the risk of being caught. However authorities have become wise to the practice after a number of high-profile incidents in which the 'labs' have exploded while sat in traffic.
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