Chinese motorist parks Maserati in the middle of the road while she worked

Chinese motorist parks Maserati in the middle of the road while she worked

A female graduate from the city of Chongqing, China, infuriated locals when she parked her brilliant white Maserati GranTurismo in the middle of the road while she went about her day at work.

Xiao Xu, a 22-year-old graduate intern, told police officers at the scene that the garage at work was full and that anyone who found her interesting parking annoying was just envious of her swish wheels.
Miss Xu also added that the car was not hers but her grandmother's and that she'd chosen the middle lane as her preferred parking spot because she saw fellow motorists parking in a similar fashion, despite none being there by the time police arrived.

The hapless motorist was required to pay a fine for the parking offence in question but furious locals believe that wealthy individuals are deliberately breaking the law and getting away with it.

Local resident Xing Wao, 21, told "The person who parked this car must come from a family of money and affluence and are used to getting their own way. Whatever rule or law won't be acknowledged by them."

But residents from south western Chinese cities aren't the only ones angered by poor and inconsiderate parking.

Various Facebook groups have sprung up over the last few years here in the UK, which shame drivers that insist on abandoning their cars with little thought for fellow motorists.

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