Blue BMW drivers voted most aggressive

If there's a blue BMW in your rear mirror on an early Friday evening, keep smiling. A new study claims blue BMW male drivers aged 35-50 are potentially more aggressive than any other motorist, and Friday early evenings are peak time for them to lash out.

Audi, Land Rover, Subaru and Vauxhall drivers also have a higher tendency to get angry with other motorists at this time. %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

The Ultimate Anger Machine

Blue is perceived as the most aggressive shade with black, silver, green and red following. Which implies that if you drive a gold, white or orange car, you're likely to be more placid and easy-going.

"During peak periods of traffic," George Charles from VoucherCodes Pro, which commissioned the survey, told the Mail, "whether it be the Monday morning school run or the hectic rush hour on a Friday evening, it is all too easy to allow the common manifestations of road rage to get the better of us as motorists."

Faithless cheaters

Obscene gestures, shouting, swearing accompanied by aggressive, erratic driving were all common expressions of a lack of emotional control. So what do kinder, gentler folk drive? According to a recent survey commissioned by, the most faithful motorists tend to drive Peugeots and Renaults.

Those most likely to cheat on their partner were Audi drivers, with BMW in second place and Mercedes in third. Either way, there seems to be growing brand baggage and resentment attached to quick German exec vehicles.

Is it fair? There's plenty of awful driving out there, from lorries to private hire taxi cabs, right up the brand food chain, not forgetting white vans and MPVs. So, are you more likely to let a white Renault or Nissan out at a junction - or a blue BMW, Audi or Range Rover? Let us know.

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Blue BMW drivers voted most aggressive
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