Aston Martin mechanic bags £1million lottery prize

Aston Martin mechanic bags £1million lottery prize

An Aston Martin mechanic who works at the luxury car manufacturer's plant in Gaydon, Warwickshire has scooped a £1million lottery prize.

Paul Wood, 54, and his wife Ginny from Coventry found it hard to comprehend the mammoth EuroMillions prize win as Mr Wood revealed that he had forgotten to check his lottery numbers that week.
He said: "Ginny and I were on our way to my daughter's house warming party. We stopped at the shops and I went in to get some sweets for my grandchildren.

"I'd forgotten to check my lottery tickets so I asked the lady behind the counter if she wouldn't mind putting them into the machine. "She said that I'd won something and that I should call Camelot.

"I looked at the ticket but I didn't see the winning numbers so we checked the raffle code at the bottom of the ticket and then the rest is a bit of a blur."

The gravity of the win sunk in as Mr Wood and his wife sat in their Ford Focus outside the shops and called Camelot who confirmed the £1 million prize was theirs.

The pair has revealed that a new car is on the wish list but Mr Wood has not confirmed whether or not it will be an Aston Martin.

Mrs Wood, 48, said financial security for the family, including their four children and five grandchildren, was now top priority, although a house extension, a holiday and a new car - possibly even an Aston Martin, are also on their wish list.
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