New 'careless driving' fines come into play from Friday

New 'careless driving' fines come into play from Friday

Back in June the Government announced it was to make it easier for police to penalise lane-hoggers and other anti-social motorists with the introduction of on-the-spot fines for careless driving.

Coming into force this Friday, the new fines will mean any driver caught doing a wide-range of careless actions will face a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licence.
However, motoring organisations have criticised the Government for not raising awareness of the new penalties, saying that many motorists risk being fined without even realising they were committing an offence.

While nearly a third of motorists admit to consciously hogging the middle lane, according to research conducted by the AA, it is just one of the forms of bad driving the new penalties aim to curb.

Under the new rules, police will be able to fine anyone found to be tailgating, failing to give way at a junction, queue jumping, using the wrong lane on a roundabout and ignoring lane closure signs.

Speaking to The Times, Paul Watter of the AA, said; "There is clearly not enough awareness that these driving habits are inconsiderate. It needs to be made crystal clear that good drivers don't do this and that the drivers that continue to need educating and failing that police action."

This ignorance of correct road use is highlighted in the AA's research, which showed that only three in 10 drivers correctly identified the inside lane on the motorway as the 'cruising' lane, with half of those surveyed incorrectly calling it the 'slow' lane.

Do you think police should have the power to hand out large fines and penalty points for minor indiscretions behind the wheel? Do you think it will do anything to reduce the amount of lane hogging and tailgating seen on the roads? Have your say below.
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