Misleading eBay ad goes viral

Misleading eBay ad goes viral

An advert for a 1996 Ford Fiesta LX has attracted serious attention from the eBay community but not because it is a genuinely intriguing "unfinished restoration project" but because the advert is so brazenly false.

The online auction was up to £153,800 at time of writing - around 1000 times the value of a P-Reg Ford Fiesta with a few minor scrapes - despite the vehicle in the accompanying images being a crushed heap of garbage.
The seller of this unorthodox listing claims that he has been, "In the process of restoring this car over the past few months," and that he has, "Simply run out of time and have other commitments."

Seller Dale also says: "With a couple of hundred pounds spent on it, this car could become a real show piece and I would love to see it go to a good, loving home."

All the while, bemused shoppers are presented with a selection of images that show an almost flat Ford Fiesta that has quite clearly been crushed by something very big and heavy.

"Unfortunately my wife reversed into a lamp post causing a small dent on the right of the back bumper, it won't cost a lot to fix and there are a few scratches that will polish out," says the listing.

The eBay joker also says he has set a "realistic reserve price" and that he "won't let the car go for a stupidly low price", which shouldn't be an issue seeing as the buying public has decided to jump on the daft advert and bid equally batty sums of money on the heap of junk.

Check out the advert here if you are in the market for a fetching hunk of scrap metal. But be quick, the auction ends tomorrow!
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