British holidays too expensive for families

Caroline Cassidy

Tightened belts and small household budgets have caused some Brits to swap their annual sunshine holiday for a staycation. But a survey has revealed that many UK families are still jetting to sunnier climes in search of a better deal.

Family holidays in Britain too expensive
Family holidays in Britain too expensive

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The poll, commissioned by the Cut Tourism VAT campaign, found that nearly three out of 10 UK adults cited cost as the most important factor in deciding on a holiday destination. And Britain is far from offering the best value for money.

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With the average cost of a hotel at upwards of £90 a night, a family meal likely to set you back £70, and even an ice cream totting up to around £1.80, many mums and dads simply can't afford to holiday in their native land.

Eight of 10 said they would be more likely to take a British-based break if hotels, attractions and holiday parks were cheaper, and sixteen per cent believe they get more for their money abroad, not to mention the guaranteed good weather.
Some two thirds of those polled agreed that the VAT rate in Britain was unfair when compared to rates on the Continent, at almost three times that in France or Germany.

Graham Wason, chairman of the Cut Tourist VAT campaign, told the Daily Express: "Domestic holidaymakers get a worse deal and the tourism industry suffers."

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