Teen who died in Mallorca hotel fall could have been 'chased' to his death

A British teenager who died after falling 60ft from a hotel fire escape in Mallorca could have been chased to his death.

Tom Ousby, 19, was killed in a ninth-floor plunge in the resort of Magaluf on 1 August.

No drugs and barely any alcohol were found in his body after toxicology tests and now his family wants a full enquiry as they suspect "foul play".

According to the Sunday Mirror, staff at the Atlantic Park hotel saw Tom running away from someone before his death.

He was found with no shoes, phone or wallet.

The aspiring musician from Uxbridge, West London had ignored a warning from a maintenance man who told him to get down from the outside fire escape, the Daily Mail reports.

His father John, 49, told the Sunday Mirror: "We feel there could have been a confrontation: something happened at ground level. What, we don't know.

"If something happened and made him panic and try and get away – could someone have potentially met Tom at the top of the roof or on the stairs?

"If there was foul play, we want to know about it. We owe it to Tom.

"Whether he was chased is crucial to knowing what happened."

Tom's mother Lea, 45, added that she is hopeful CCTV will provide answers but his parents believe it is "odd" that he fell from a hotel where he was not staying, without his shoes on and a 20-minute walk from his apartment.

Tom is the fifth Briton to die in a hotel fall in just over a year.

In mid-July, a British teenager was left in a serious condition in hospital after falling from a hotel balcony in Ibiza.

Michael Jordan Hill, 19, fell from the fourth floor of Hotel Brisa in the island's party resort San Antonio.

Just a few days before, a British father-of-three died after falling from a hotel balcony during a holiday in Magaluf, Spain.

Craig Knapp, 31, from Dundee, Scotland, was on a family holiday in the popular tourist spot on the island of Majorca.

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