Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that this car is called the Citigo Sport. Now normally, I find myself referring to a test car as the first thing that pops out of my mouth. 'I'm taking the Toyota tonight', for instance or 'the Fiesta' or 'the 6' (as in MG6).

In fact, unlike any other car to have appeared at AOL Cars, I religiously stick to the Citigo Sport's full name.
So when a colleague asked me if they could take home the Citigo one night last week, I vehemently spat out "Sport... It's called the Citigo Sport! Not 'Citigo'. If you want the keys, get it right".

Why I have adopted this mentality goodness only knows, but aforementioned colleague – after he called the Skoda by its full name – came back the next morning beaming.

He loved it saying: "Despite the way it looks, (I glared at him for saying this and snatched the keys out of his sweaty grasp), it's a cracking car to drive. The Citigo... (another glare) Citigo Sport... is just how city cars should be".

He backed off at this point to his desk and avoided all eye contact.

Skoda Citigo long term report
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Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

It's pretty well-known in the office now I won't have a bad thing said about the Citigo Sport. Well, it's so early on its long-term duties here that's why; I don't want to hurt the car's feelings.

What I will say though is that the Citigo Sport is performing admirably so far. When the car was dropped off to us, it was bereft of its Portable Infotainment Device.

It's an important little thing which cleverly clips onto a stand on top of the dash and gives handy information such as where you're going (sat nav), what you're listening to (media player), who you're calling (Bluetooth) and what fuel consumption you're doing (trip computer).

It was dispatched a few days later and has made commuting in it a joy.

Check back next month to find out whether I've given the keys to anyone else.

The knowledge

Model: Skoda Citigo Sport
Price: £11,050 (as tested)
Engine: 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol
Power: 58bhp, 95Nm
Max speed: 99mph
0-60mph: 14.2s
Emissions: 105g/km
Mileage this month: 400
Costs this month: £0
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