Is this Jenson Button's most cringeworthy ad yet?

Is this Jenson Button's most cringeworthy ad yet?

We recently brought you a feature on the worst F1 driver ads ever – largely because it's funny watching normally ice-cool racing drivers pedaling wares in situations they'd never normally be seen dead in, were it not for the seemingly endless media obligations imposed on them by their sponsors.

Jenson Button is particularly notorious for this kind of caper, having represented brands as diverse as Head & Shoulders and Santander in his own, uniquely wooden way.
Now he's back, teaming up with Nascar legend Tony Stewart in a brace of adverts promoting Mobil 1 engine oil.

Watch as the pair indulge in a little healthy one-upmanship, riding exercise bikes and doing the splits, and wonder why they suggest using the engine lubricant on your joints will aid your flexibility...

The ads are a touch more tongue-in-cheek than Button's previous efforts, with the F1 champ even looking as though he's enjoying himself. However, it's a reminder that however god-like F1 drivers may be on track, they're only a marketing man's poorly conceived idea away from becoming a brand endorsing performing monkey.

You can watch both adverts in full below

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