Road rage driver targets pregnant woman

Road rage driver targets pregnant woman

A 53-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after mounting the pavement and driving at a pregnant woman and her GP husband.

Off-duty postwoman Wendy Hill drove her Citroen Saxo at the pair in Bishopston, Bristol, following a brief exchange of words.
Bristol Crown Court heard that Dr and Mrs Murry were walking along the pavement when Hill mounted the kerb in front of them.

Fearing they would be hit, Dr Murray tapped on the window to complain.

Richard Posner, prosecuting, explained to the court what happened next: "Mrs Hill said 'If that's how you want to play it' and said a member of her family was ill.

"She then said 'I'll show you violent', she reversed her car and, in a rage, she accelerated her car.

"This is a classic example of road rage.

"She revved her engine and drove towards Dr and Mrs Murray."

Hill stopped just before crushing Dr Murray against a wall, but as his wife rang for Police, she started shouting threats and repeated the manoeuvre.

The couple was then forced to take shelter behind a parked car.

Hill's defence told the court that she had been visiting her elderly, dementia suffering mother on the day of the incident and had been on the way to see another mentally ill friend when the two parties crossed paths.

Nicola Hutchinson, defending, said: "She stopped at the T-junction. She thought the two pedestrians were crossing quite slowly.

"She became quite paranoid they were trying to stop her seeing her friend.

"She flashed her lights and shouted at them. She tells me this was completely out of character."

Hill, who is also a part-time volunteer in a charity shop, was arrested 12 days after the incident after the couple managed to note her car's registration number.

She was banned from driving for four years and was subjected to a two-year community order.
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