Cyclists injured in road rage attack

Cyclists injured in road rage attack

Two cyclists have been left with minor injuries after a confrontation with a motorist which saw the driver forcefully open his door into them as he passed.

Simeon Diaz and Wayne Henderson, of the Leicester Forest Cycling Club, were out enjoying a ride in the countryside with others, when the group was accosted by a motorist who was angered at having to slow down for them.
As the car passed the driver opened the door, knocking both riders off their bikes.

Speaking to the Leicester Mercury, Simeon said: "The driver had his door slightly open and he was shouting.

"Everyone was just cycling past, hoping he would calm down, and as I passed him he suddenly opened his door at me, hitting the front wheel of my bike.

"He had obviously lost patience. He opened the door intentionally into me before driving off."

Thankfully, both cyclists escaped the incident with only minor injuries, with both suffering cuts and abrasions to their hands and bodies.

However, several hundred pounds worth of damage was done to their bikes.

Commenting on the incident, Wayne said: "This type of behaviour is becoming more frequent and more aggressive."

After taking down the car's registration number, the group went to a nearby café and called the police. A Staffordshire constabulary spokeswoman confirmed that they were seeking the driver of a silver Vauxhall Vectra in connection with the incident.

This is the second time in recent days that motorists and cyclists have come to loggerheads on the roads. We recently brought you the video footage of a Lamborghini driver and cyclist facing off in central London.
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