Video: How to make a motorcyclist sandwich

Video: How to make a motorcyclist sandwich

There are many perks to riding on two wheels: it's cheaper for a start, it's a hell of a lot quicker and most importantly, traffic is rarely an issue thanks to the legal right to filter past queuing vehicles.

But bikers can sometimes abuse this right by weaving in and out of traffic they deem to be moving slowly, as this video quite handily points out.
The clip, uploaded by a friend of the rider, shows a motorcyclist zigzagging through fast moving traffic on a fairly busy dual carriageway.

Unfortunately for our two-wheeled friend, the traffic suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, leaving the hasty biker in the middle of the road with nowhere to go.

To make matters worse, two large HGVs sit side-by-side directly in his path, meaning he has to take the only option available to him, which, in this case, is becoming the leather-clad meat in a lorry sandwich.

"Snap" go the bike's wing mirrors, "Sh*t!" goes the motorcyclist and "scrape" goes the motorbike, as it is finally ditched onto the Tarmac, the rider's head narrowly missing the rear wheels of the HGV.

It's a nail-biting ride-along but also a great lesson in not abusing the right to filter.

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