Slimmers name their top diet danger foods

Caroline Cassidy

The majority of British dieters would admit to trying everything from Atkins to cabbage soup in a bid to lose weight, but whatever the celebrity, fad or detox diet we try, it seems the temptations remain the same.

Chocolate top dieters' cravings
Chocolate top dieters' cravings

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A survey of female slimmers in the UK, by sweetener makers Splenda, revealed that nation's top ten cravings, those little treats that derail even the most determined dieter.

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Top of the list was chocolate, with nearly 50 per cent confessing the lure of the sweet treat was too much. In second place were crisps with a third of the votes, and a further quarter just couldn't cut out the cheese or bread.

Sneaking into fourth place was that glass of chilled white wine on a night out.
Of the 1,000 women polled, nearly 60 per cent claimed that food cravings made life hard during a diet, the allure of unhealthy snacks proving more troublesome than other influences such as shopping at the supermarket, cooking for the family or even going out with friends (glass of vino excepted).

Maria Somolya, from Splenda, told the Daily Express: "We know that going on a diet can be a challenge for many women. However, the real test of a diet is not just losing a few pounds quickly, but taking small steps in your lifestyle that last for years."

What do you think? Is chocolate the thing most likely to make you break your dieting rules? Leave your comments below...