Porsche owner wins £1k in court case but ordered to pay £90k in fees

Porsche owner wins £1,000 in court case but ordered to pay £90,000 in fees

A model shop owner from Preston, Lancashire is facing financial ruin after taking legal action against his local Porsche dealership.

Surprisingly, businessman Damian Markland was victorious in his legal battle against Porsche Centre Bolton and was awarded £998 to cover the poor engine repairs to his second-hand Porsche 911 GT3.
The Porsche garage offered Mr Markland an out of court settlement of £2,500 – a substantially lower figure than the £40,000 he was expecting – but he refused to accept the sum.

But after a six-year battle and a failed appeal, Mr Markland was told that because he turned down the higher settlement offer, he is liable for the garage's legal costs of £34,000 plus his lawyers' fees of £14,000.

His bill also includes the £35,000 repair work and £6,000 in car rental fees for the vehicle loaned to him while the Porsche was undergoing repair.

The model shop owner took Porsche Centre Bolton to court after forking out for an engine rebuild. He believed he would get the money back through warranty agreements.

When he got it back and discovered he wasn't covered, he sued for £40,000. Mr Markland says he will have to sell his business and his beloved German sports car to pay off the fees.

In making his ruling Lord Justice Longmore said he had "every sympathy" with Mr Markland, who had "had his fingers very badly burned".

Mr Markland said: "I feel like I've been screwed over twice – once by Porsche and then by the lawyers and the British legal system."

"It has ruined my life and my business," he added.
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