Bus driver sucked out of window in horror crash

Bus driver sucked out of window in horror crash

A Chinese bus driver has caused a horrific collision on a motorway near Shanghai after reversing the wrong way down the carriageway after missing his exit.

Driving on a motorway close to the city of Jinhua, this slow-witted driver's spectacular error of judgment is caught on the bus's CCTV system. Rather than doing the sensible thing – getting frustrated at the additional miles the oversight has brought – he unbelievably stops his packed bus in the middle of the carriageway and casually reverses back to the junction.
There's only one way this is going to end and sure enough, seconds into his reversing manoeuvre the bus is violently rear ended by a HGV, sending the driver clean out of the window as the vehicle overturns.

Sadly, the faultless truck driver was killed in the accident, and 23 people were injured with 10 being thrown from the vehicle. The fate of the bus driver is unknown.

You can watch the CCTV video below, though be warned: some may find the footage disturbing.

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