Armed robber evades police by jumping onto airport baggage carousel

Armed robber evades police by jumping onto airport baggage carousel

A man wanted over a £20,000 armed robbery escaped police at Manchester Airport by leaping onto a baggage carousel.

Anthony Morrison, 33, was due to hand himself in after flying home from Spain but instead he jumped onto the conveyer and ended up at Terminal Three, while police officers waited for his arrival at Terminal One.

According to The Sun, the fugitive strolled out of the airport and stayed on the run for weeks before he was found.

The Daily Mirror reports that Morrison was discovered outside a hospital with a gunshot wound.

Prosecutor Philip Parry said: "He got onto a baggage carousel which took him into the bowels of Manchester airport and evaded the police.

"He emerged on the carousel into Terminal Three while they were waiting in Terminal One."

Two men pleaded guilty to robbing £20,000 from two security guards who were filling a cash machine at an Asda store in Oldham in 2011.

One was jailed for nine years and the other for six years.

Morrison was found not guilty after DNA clues could not be dated and prosecutors offered no evidence.

He is in custody for other offences.

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