West Yorkshire town boasts UK's worst learner drivers

 West Yorkshire town boasts UK's worst learner drivers

Five females in the small West Yorkshire town of Heckmondwike are the worst female learner drivers in the whole of the UK according to new figures released by the Driving Standards Agency.

The town has a population of around 17,000 but the women drivers have taken a staggering 158 practical tests between them.
The unnamed ladies, aged between 35 and 48, have forked out almost £10,000 trying to pass - placing them among the top 20 worst learner drivers in the UK.

Local driving instructors have refused to comment on the findings but the extremely low pass rate of just 39.8 per cent – more than seven per cent below the national average of 47.1 per cent – could be attributed to the town's narrow rural roads and cracked road surface.

A test taken in the area will also likely feature the notorious Gildersome Roundabout, deemed the most dangerous roundabout in West Yorkshire.

It is not unheard of for the women of Heckmondwike to take nearly 30 attempts to pass their test, one unnamed female took 34 attempts to succeed, another muddled through 29 practical tests only to pass on the 30th attempt.

Mark Peacock, head of BSM Driving School, told the Daily Mail: "It seems unusual that Heckmondwike has proved so troublesome for these learners, but there are many factors that can influence someone's success at their driving test.

"In particular, nerves can play a big part in how well someone performs, which may well be the case for those who have made serial attempts."

It is not just the women of Heckmondwike who struggled with the test. The figures also revealed an unnamed 40-year-old man from Stoke-on-Trent took a staggering 37 attempts to pass the test, forking out £2,294 in the process.
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