Video: Lambo and cyclist face off in London

Video: Lambo and cyclist face off in London

With its clogged streets, swarms of pedestrians and congestion charge tax, London wouldn't seem the most logical supercar Mecca. However, with a vast number of wealthy local residents and the influx of Middle Eastern playboys that arrive every summer, the Capital city has long been the spot for any supercar fan looking to spot the latest metal.

Inevitably, there is always one group looking to spoil the party. Can you guess who they are? Yes, the following video documents the increasingly uneasy relationship between motorists and their lycra-clad fellow road users, the cyclists.
Spotting the sleek black Lamborghini Aventador making its way up the road, one cyclist makes it his mission to hold it up, moving directly into its path and coming to a standstill.

Fortunately for him, the supercar does stop; the driver making his presence known with a stab of throttle and a sonorous cry from the exhaust.

Does this make the ridiculously dressed biker stop causing an obstruction? Not in the slightest – instead he chooses to move forward at a snail's pace, with the Aventador eventually managing to squeeze past.

So, was the cyclist being an idiot? Or should the Lambo driver have a bit more patience? Have your say below.

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