Rally driver takes out tree and just keeps on going

Rally driver takes out tree and just keeps on going

Rally drivers are a particularly hardy bunch. Blasting through undulating terrain lined with spectators, often in atrocious weather, it takes a special kind of racing driver to compete in this arena.

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica is certainly proving he has what it takes, as this video from Rally Finland shows.
Overcooking a left hand bend, the Polish wheelsman leaves the road in his Citroen DS3 competition car and ploughs straight into a tree.

It's an accident which would see most people sat at the side of the road in a state of shock, at best nursing a bruised ego. Thankfully, our fearless driver doesn't think of trees as immovable objects, and with a boot-full of throttle, simply mows his way through the undergrowth and back onto the track, removing large branches from the shrubbery in the process.

Whether he'll be able to compete with the big boys or not is yet to be proven, but Kubica has shown he certainly has the minerals to mix it with the best in the dirt.

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