Mercedes unveils its vision for golf carts of the future

Mercedes unveils its vision for golf carts of the future

Forget the boxy old shapes found in golf courses up and down the country; Mercedes has unveiled its idea of what fairway transport should look like.

Dubbed the Mercedes Vision Golf Car concept, the sleek four-wheeled machine is propelled by an electric motor that is in turn powered by lithium ion batteries that can receive charge from solar panels on the roof or a standard wall socket.> Designers at Mercedes have tackled the short wheelbase and notoriously unstable height of the standard golf cart by making its Vision Golf Car concept longer and therefore more elegant than its slightly dated counterpart.

There is enough storage for two sets of golf clubs and two golfers can happily sit side-by-side in the futuristic contraption, with the driver steering the car using a joystick mounted on the centre console.

Occupants can connect their iPod using a docking station, although a USB socket and Bluetooth are also included. Other notable on-board gadgetry includes air conditioning and a head-up display that can communicate with other golf buggies or the clubhouse.

Mercedes unveils its vision for golf carts of the future

There is also storage for umbrellas, LED running lights and a make-up mirror for the ladies. Players can also access a map of the course as well as detailed information on terrain, peruse an up-to-date weather report or check their scorecard thanks to wireless Internet connectivity.

There is even a special 'fore' button that warns other drivers if an errant drive is accidentally sailing away from the course.

The radical design concept was recently displayed at the Open at Muirfield, East Lothian.
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