Man drowns trying to cross River Thames after missing last ferry home

A man drowned trying to swim across the River Thames after missing the last ferry home.

The man, who was thought to be in his twenties, died on Thursday evening at Hampton, Middlesex.

According to the Daily Mail, it is believed his rucksack became filled with water.

Two teenagers saw him struggling in the water and tried to save him.

Pete Sullivan and Jack Sweeney, both 15, told the BBC: "We saw a man swimming across the river and he looked like he was struggling.

"We ran over to the riverbank and dived in and swam across to see if we could help him after he'd gone in."

The teenagers reportedly spent half an hour looking for the unidentified man and were joined by other members of the public.

The Evening Standard reports that a woman was with the man and the pair attempted to make the dangerous crossing from Moulsey Hurst.

The boys helped the woman from the water and a major search operation was launched for the man whose body was later recovered.

A Surrey Police spokesman told the Daily Mail: "A man's body has been found in the River Thames near Hampton, following a search for a man after concerns were raised for his safety earlier in the evening.

"Officers were called to the area near Hampton sailing club around 6.45pm after a man was seen to enter the water.

"Inquiries are ongoing to trace next of kin. At this stage in the investigation the death is being treated as unexplained."

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